Current Legislation

Our goal is to keep you updated on what’s happening and actions you can take.  But with the national spotlight on Trump, his executive orders, and his administration some of the bills being written, sponsored, and passed are getting lost in the shuffle.  We would like to start sharing some of the current bills to keep your eyes on.

1)  H.R. 861 – This is a bill to terminate the EPA (yes, you read that right)

2)  H.R. 586 – Sanctity of Human Life Act – This bill says human life begins at fertilization and would be prevented from abortion (This would be a huge step back in a woman’s right to choose.)

3)  HB 268 – This bill is for voter rights in Georgia.  It will keep eligible Georgians from making their voices heard. Editorial on this bill here.

4) SB 119 – Civil Rights Act for Georgia to expand protections to cover sexual orientation (Remember our Attorney General is Sessions so local protections are very important.) Georgia Voice editorial here.


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