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If you want to support Jon, volunteer at one of 3 locations (just show up for a shift):

CHAMBLEE OFFICE – 3652 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd, Chamblee, GA 30341

ROSWELL OFFICE – 555 Sun Valley Drive, Suite J4, Roswell, GA 30076

MARIETTA OFFICE – 2501 E Piedmont Road, Marietta, GA 30062
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Canvassing shifts begin at 3pm

Canvassing shifts at 9am, 12pm, and 3pm

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The first major electoral contest of the Trump era is coming to the North metro area on April 18th, and it is our is our opportunity to send a resounding message that will reverberate around the country. With the appointment of Tom Price from Georgia Congressional District 6 to Trump’s cabinet, voters in Marietta, East Cobb, North Fulton and then down through Dunwoody, Doraville and Tucker, will get a chance to flip a seat in Congress.

Trump chose to appoint Tom Price not just because Rep. Price has been working for year to dismantle Obamacare; he also chose him because this is supposed to be a safe republican district. But is it? Trump won the district only barely, with 48% of the vote. As Democratic voters are energized by the new resistance, and moderate Republicans dismayed by the disastrous Trump presidency, we have an excellent chance to flip this seat.

Every member of Congress is up for election in 2018. If a safe Republican seat is flipped due to Trump backlash, it will put our entire Congress on notice.

In our opinion, the strongest Democratic candidate is 29-year-old former congressional staffer and “investigative filmmaker” Jon Ossoff. He’s been phenomenally successful in online fundraising for the race, and has been endorsed by fifth-district representative John Lewis and fourth-district representative Hank Johnson.

The election is almost definitely headed for a runoff, so the runoff on June 20 with be just as important as the original election.

Full List of Candidates


Ragin Edwards- “Continuing to fight for increased gender and racial equality, affordable healthcare, and quality education will ensure that we meet our goals.” (http://raginedwards.com/) (Specific issues were not expanded upon on her web page).

Richard Keatley- A Veteran and an Educator. He is focusing on these issues: Supporting our Veterans, Advocating for Education, Protecting the Safety Net. (http://www.keatleyforchange.org/)

Jon Ossoff- Small business owner focusing on these issues: The Economy, Health Care, Civil Liberties and Civil Rights, Women’s Healthcare and Planned Parenthood, National Security, Honoring and Defending Seniors, The Environment, Education, Criminal Justice, Anti-Corruption. (https://electjon.com/)

Rebecca Quigg- An MD focusing on these issues: Healthcare, Taking Care of our Seniors, Women and Families, Education, College Affordability, Taking Care of our Veterans, Taking Money out of Politics. (http://rebeccaquiggforcongress.com/)

Ron Slotin- Former State Senator and now local businessman focusing on these issues: “ I will fight for progressive issues like a woman’s right to choose, affordable healthcare coverage including covering pre-existing conditions, protection of our senior citizens, our environment, our public schools and fight discrimination attempts against our LGBTQ community.” (https://www.votinforslotin.com/) (Specific issues were not expanded upon on his web page).



Alexander Hernandez- Property Craftsperson for the film and television industry. He is focusing on these issues: Healthcare, Veterans, Economy, Money out of Politics, Term Limits. (http://www.yourvotegeorgia.com/home.html)

Andre Pollard- Sponsored by “The Tech Party” he is a Cloud Engineer with a local Telecom provider. He is focusing on this issue:  economic progress through technological innovation and cultural integration. (https://thetechparty.us/)



David Abroms- 33 year old CPA who started his own business ‘Freedom Fueling Solutions.’ No specific issues were addressed on his website. (http://www.abromsforcongress.com/)

Mohammad Ali Bhuiyan- Economist. “I understand the complex political, cultural, religious, and economic issues around the world. I have two MBAs, a Ph.D. and over 25 years of executive level experience in business, higher education and non-profit sectors with extensive local, national, and international experience.” Issues addressed on his web page: Fiscal Responsibility, National Debt, Government Waste, 2nd Amendment, Social Security and Medicare, Healthcare, Quality Education, Energy and Trade, Free Market, Faith-Family-and Pro-life, Strong Defense and Offense, Job Creation, Foreign Policy, Protecting Privacy, Immigration, Tax Reform. (http://mohammadaliforcongress.com/)

Keith Grawert- Air Force Pilot. Issues addressed on his web page include: National Security and Defense, Taxes, Foreign Policy, A Congress for the People, Health Care, Substance Abuse Crisis, Abortion. (http://keithforgeorgia.com/)

Bob Gray- Business executive in the technology industry. No information about specific issues are addressed on his web page however he is a big supporter of Republican President Donald Trump. (https://www.bobgrayga.com/)

Karen Handel- “What I’m fighting for. Just Google my name. You’ll find story after story about how I’ve stood up for our conservative values no matter what the media has said about me.” (https://karenhandel.com/) I guess Handel thinks her supporters have enough interest to research her further because clearly she doesn’t have the time to put her position on issues on her web page.

Judson Hill- Assistant U.S. Attorney under President Reagan, Officer in the Georgia State Defense Force, State Senator. Issues addressed on his web page are: Repeal and Replace Obamacare, Balance the Budget, Keep America Safe, Safeguard our 2nd Amendment Rights, Protect Life, Strengthen the Economy, Cut Taxes, Honor our Veterans, Securing the Border. Endorsed by Newt Gingrich. (http://judsonhill.com/)

Amy Kremer- No information was available on her web page. (http://amykremerforcongress.com/)

Bruce Levell- “Bruce LeVell is the owner of Dunwoody Diamonds USA and LeVell Properties, LLC. As the former Chairman of the Gwinnett County Republican Party, Bruce was tapped to serve as the Executive Director of President Donald Trump’s National Diversity Coalition during the 2016 campaign. He was honored to be a National Delegate for Trump at the 2016 Republican National Convention.” (http://levellforcongress.com/about-bruce/) (No issues were addressed on his web page).

William Llop- CPA. Issues addressed on his web page are: Comprehensive Congressional Reform Act, Investing in Action by Taxing Inaction, Accelerate Depreciation, Passive Investor, Qualified Dividend, Student Loans in America, Term Limits, Anti-Monopoly Legislation, Intellectual Property, Insurance, Utilities and The PSC, Repeal Obamacare. (http://www.williamllopcpaforcongress.com/)

Dan Moody- A retired Captain in the U.S. Army Reserves, an electrical engineer and small business owner. No specific issues were addressed on his web page. (https://www.danmoody.com/)

Kurt Wilson- No information was available on his web page except that he is for term time limits. (http://kurt4uscongress.com/)

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