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191 Peachtree Street NE
Suite 3250
Atlanta, GA 30303
p: (404) 865-0087
383 Russell Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
p: (202) 224-3521



Mr. Perdue spent the week putting out press releases regarding responsibly funding the government and other party-line talking points. Nothing about how he is helping his constituents, just more railing against over-regulation.


Mr. Perdue has strongly endorsed President Trump’s exit from the Paris Climate Accord noting the G.O.P. party line of over-regulation and the agreement’s detriment to our economy. Let’s let him know how he is going to be viewed as being grossly on the wrong side of history – not to mention on the wrong side of the facts!

In other news, Mr. Perdue was focused on strengthening the Secure Mail Initiative this week. His press release states the initiative, “helps ensure and verify delivery of sensitive immigration-related documents. It provides the recipient of a document with the option to have the U.S. Postal Service hold for pickup or require signature confirmation for delivery. U.S. Representatives Rob Woodall (GA-07) and Jackie Speier (CA-13) took similar action in the House of Representatives.”

Last, he participated in a Facebook live interview with a local high school student, a participant in the U.S. Senate Page Program, Hannah Seawell.



Mr. Perdue disregarded the CBO score and reiterated the ACA was doomed. He stated: “The Senate is working now to build on the efforts in the House to make our health care system more affordable and accessible for everyone.”


Mr Perdue had this to say about the proposed budget: “We finally have a president who is willing to make tough choices and work towards dealing with this financial catastrophe. Despite heading in the right direction, in reality, this budget proposal will likely never be put into action because of the broken budget process in Washington. We cannot take our eye off the bigger picture, and I believe the only way forward is to completely change the way Congress funds the federal government.”

Let’s contact Mr. Perdue about healthcare and the budget. He id profoundly out-of-touch with the real damage the House’s healthcare bill would inflict. Let’s demand he represent all Georgians and not just the privileged. We deserve better!


Senator Perdue stands 100% behind President Trump on his termination of Mr. Comey.

Mr. Perdue also reiterated his stance against the CFPB this week and highlighted his efforts against the agency which he sees as overreaching and detrimental to business. He seems unwilling to concede it serves an actual purpose to protect consumers.

Last, while Mr. Perdue seems impervious to requests for a townhall, it seems even more important considering the Senate is taking up the ACHA bill and the troubling circumstances around the firing of Mr. Comey.


On the agenda for David Perdue this weekend, speaking at the NRA leadership convention this weekend here in Atlanta.

Mr. Perdue was back on TV this week discussing President Trump’s First 100 Days on CNN. His view is the country is more optimistic and pointed to consumer confidence. He also lauded the rolling back of regulations. Watch here:

In the photo-ops section of his weekly section, he met with the Georgia Teacher of the Year (a science teacher no less) and praised him for his passion and dedication.

Last, as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee he issued a generic statement regarding North Korea. This is a serious issue that most agree the administration has handled clumsily and some say recklessly. Let’s let Mr. Perdue know we expect a cohesive, thoughtful and deliberate policy to deal with the N. Korea and his committee should be communicating this to the administration.


Perdue didn’t invite us to lunch: Covered locally, a group of protestors made their voices heard outside of a luncheon given by the Brookhaven Chamber of Congress on Tuesday (4/11) taking their weekly stand on a field trip. Interested in the weekly protests every Tuesday? Check out the Georgia Alliance for Social Justice for the weekly theme and directives.

Mr. Perdue visited I-85 bridge collapse site and also made more TV appearances. The latest discussing US Foreign policy matters: He described President Trump the following way when asked about his engagement around the world, “That’s the action of a mature, seasoned leader.” While townhalls are not his style, apparently going on news shows is. Keep letting him know that he works for us and should want to hear from his constituents in an open format.

4/1 Update

Senator Perdue loudly supports the administrations roll-back of of clean power plans and was an original denouncer of the plan back in 2015. Also, have you seen the billboards posted around town looking for him? He did post a slew of photo ops today on FB showing him listening to “Georgians.” Let’s ask him to go further than photo ops!


Ever wanted to peer into Senator Perdue’s mind? Go to:– for the top lines. Suffice it to say he is 100% behind the administration and subscribes to a similar world view. Let him know that he works for us in no uncertain terms on all issues whether it aligns with his personal agenda.

3/18 Update

Senator Perdue has been making the rounds of network news discussing debt and the increase in interest rates He fully believes in President Trump’s ability to grow the economy

He was also enthusiastic about the appointment of Lieutenant General McMaster for a few reasons; the most prominent being his connection to Fort Benning

Last, some enterprising activists have set-up a Perdue Town Hall and invited the Senator to join. Learn more here: This could be a great way to meet other advocates and connect on strategies for your areas of concern.

3/11 Update

Senator Perdue re-introduced No Hero Left Untreated Act (co-sponsored by Dem Senator Gary Peters. The bill is widely supported by veterans and military groups and proposes to launch a pilot program to treat PTSD. For once we can call, fax, email, and post a bit of praise. Additionally Mr. Perdue and Senator Isakson joined all 100 Senators calling for increased security and vigilance for Jewish centers and facilities in Georgia and across the nation. In keeping with Mr. Perdue’s dislike of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) he has forcefully expressed his opposition for Prepaid Card Rule due to hie POV that it is one-size-fits-all and will dampen innovation in this space. Remember Mr. Perdue works for us and if you have an issue with a federal agency or you need his advocacy, go here for how you can ask him to work for you!

3/3 Update

Sen. Perdue issued a generic statement of support for Wilbur Ross, the newly selected Department Of Commerce Secretary read more, but a more nuanced reflection on President Trump’s Budget Blueprint more here where he commended Mr. Trump on his cuts while highlighting the need to fix the budget process itself and address healthcare costs. Mr. Perdue was very positive on the President’s congressional address on CNBC appearance noting it was optimistic and we are seeing the real-world impact on consumer and CEO confidence among other comments regarding trade and healthy American competition. He found time to appear on MSNBC to discuss the ACA and the work to be done. Since he is out there talking about it on TV, let’s ask his to talk about it here in his home state! Call, fax, email and continue to post so our voices are heard. Find his contact info here.

03.03.17 Perdue defended Sessions and is outraged the honorable character of Sessions should be questioned

03.02.17 Senator David Perdue Votes To Confirm New Housing & Urban Development Secretary, Dr. Ben Carson

03.01.17 Senator David Perdue Talks Obamacare After White House Visit

03.01.17 Senator David Perdue Talks Tax On CNBC And Bloomberg

03.01.17 Senator David Perdue On Confirmation Of Congressman Ryan Zinke As Interior Secretary

02.28.17 Senator David Perdue On President Trump’s First Address To Congress

02.28.17 Senator David Perdue Meets With Georgia’s HBCU Leadership

02.28.17 Senator David Perdue Applauds President Trump’s Action To Stop Waters Of The US Rule

Last year, the Senate and House voted to roll back the WOTUS rule, but it was vetoed by President Obama. Additionally, Georgians in the agriculture community came together to send a message to Washington to protect our land and communities.

02.27.17 Senator David Perdue Statement On Next U.S. Department Of Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross

02.27.17 Senator David Perdue Statement On President Trump’s Budget Blueprint

2/25 Summary Update

Sen Perdue voted to confirm EPA’s new head, Scott Pruitt. He is very happy about Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster for National Security Advisor, highlighting his time at Ft. Benning. He took time while in Atlanta for the recess to discuss health care with professionals from GA.


2.22.17 Spoke with healthcare professional in GA 

02.21.17 Senator David Perdue Statement On Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster

2.22.17  Senators Isakson, Perdue Urge Agency to Work with Administration to Protect the Military

2.17.17 Voted to confirm Scott Pruitt as head of EPA.

2.15.17 Voted to repeal the Obama Rule which made it harder with people for mental illness to purchase guns. Lots more info on the gun control page.

02.15.17  In line with his world view of less regulation, Senator Perdue introduced the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Accountability Act of 2017 to bringing the bureau under the Congressional appropriations process.

02.14.17 Senator Perdue Urge Secretary Mnuchin To Execute Full Extent Of Sanctions Against North Korea

02.14.17 Senator Perdue Votes To Confirm New Small Business Administrator, Linda McMahon

02.13.17 Senator Perdue Votes To Confirm New Veterans Affairs Secretary, Dr. David Shulkin

02.13.17 Senator Perdue Votes To Confirm New Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin

02.09.17 Senators Isakson, Perdue Announce Additional Troops, Missions Coming To Fort Benning

02.09.17 Editorial in the Washington Times. Excerpt on the border adjustment tax. “This 20 percent tax on all imports is regressive, hammers consumers, shuts down economic growth, and is proven to grow the federal government.”

A comprehensive summary of Perdue’s voting record on the major issues.


In 2014, David Perdue became a junior Senator from Georgia.  His prior background includes CEO of Reebok and Dollar General Stores

  • Senate Committee on Armed Services Committee
  • Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs
  • Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry
  • Senate Committee on the Budget
    • Subcommittee on Economic Policy
    • Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Protection
    • Subcommittee on National Security and International Trade and Finance Senate Committee on the Budget
Some Sponsored Legislation
Other Priorities
  • Perdue sponsors bill primarily in International Affairs (60%), Finance and Financial Sector (20%), and Crime and Law Enforcement
  • According to his website, David Perdue’s top priorities are National Debt, Global Security, a Balance of Powers, Stopping Nuclear Iran, Reining in Rogue Federal Agencies including the EPA, and Jobs/Economy
  • Perdue feels ObamaCare needs to be repealed that reduces the quality of health care and increases costs
  • He has a strong commitment to Israel.
  • Perdue feels that education starts at the local level and federal bureaucracy should be dismantled.
  • He feels we need a plan for energy independence by having a domestic energy policy that is environmentally responsible.
  • Current laws and new laws should focus on true border security in order to secure our borders.
  • Perdue supports 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms Laws
  • He promotes the value of life and protects the rights of the unborn and believes in traditional marriage between a man and a woman.
  • Special Olympics


Information regarding David Perdue attained from:


Town Hall Project

Friday, February 10, 2017

10:00 AM


Greene County Farm Bureau

1570 S Main St

Monday, February 20, 2017

10:00 AM


Tift County Farm Bureau

1618 Whiddon Mill Rad

Thursday, February 23, 2017

10:00 AM


Henry County Farm Bureau

117 Racetrack Road

Ask Senator Perdue to hold a real town hall and not one of his aids

Let Perdue know about your stance on his new immigration bill

Let Perdue know where you stand on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Dodd-Frank rules (article to explain what’s happening  REMEMBER HE SITS ON FINANCE COMMITTEE!

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